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Group fitness classes in Cornwall, Ontario

We offer 10-week sessions of small groups (maximum 8 people) in each fitness class. These classes consist of different high interval training and circuit training. With each class being different, it keeps everyone on their toes and challenges them in a controlled setting to push outside of their comfort zone. Whether you are a beginner or advanced, each class session will provide exercises that can be modified in order to fit each individual fitness level. With a maximum of 8 people in the class, the trainer can keep an eye on everyone in order to make sure they are holding good form with each movement. It is a fun and challenging way to get where you want to be. These classes help to improve cardio, while building muscle and increasing flexibility with stretches before and after each session.

Price List

Twice Per Week:
10 weeks $150.00
Three Times Per Week:
10 weeks $210.00

*All prices excluding H.S.T

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