Charlie Graham RMT

Registered Massage Therapist

Born in Ontario but raised in BC, Charlie returned in 2014 to attend the International Academy of Massage in Ottawa. Upon graduating and working for two years in the nation’s capital, he returned to Vancouver to work in a multi-disciplinary clinic. Now living in Cornwall with his wife and young children, he’s accepting clients for relaxation massage as well as more targeted deep-tissue treatments.

Charlie has treated a wide range of clients for sports massage treatments, pre-natal care, and postural dysfunction, using Swedish massage as a base and applying modalities such as trigger point therapy and fascial blading and cupping. He’s excited to continue helping people reduce chronic pain and improve their functional movement with orthopedic assessment and the right combination of soft tissue techniques.

Charlie has trained in martial arts for over ten years, primarily in Chinese kung fu but also boxing, kickboxing, and Capoeira. He’s also participated in the lion dance celebrations for Chinese New Year for over ten years. He’s an avid fan of travel and has visited Europe and southeast Asia, and lived in Japan and Australia.