Bracing & Other Supports

Bracing makes sense when you need support for joints that have become uneven or unstable due to an injury, illness or chronic condition. The physiotherapy team at Cotton Mill Rehab can guide you in choosing the right kind of brace for your condition and making sure the fit is right for you.

Our Brace Corner offers off-the-shelf and custom support and orthotics including ankle support, knee braces, tennis elbow straps, post-surgical braces and slings.

Bracing can help to:
    • Reduce pain and discomfort in your injured areas
    • Align the joint and distribute the load to remove pressure on the affected joint area
    • Restore normal function by reducing abnormal movement and pain

In addition to carrying a wide range of braces, we also sell crutches and air casts, ranging in size for children to adults. 

Let's get you feeling better.

We're ready to be your partner in your overall wellness and health