Due to the pandemic, a large part of our population was given the opportunity to work from home. Some have since returned to the office, while some have acquired hybrid positions and have been able to continue working remotely. Even prior to this time, a vast majority of employment is office and desk jobs. A large percentage of any employment can be said to still have some portion of administration and office work related tasks.

The typical modern workday lasts eight hours, and most office occupations do not provide much opportunity for stretching, moving around, or engaging in physical activity. Since the human body was built to move, sitting for most of the day can cause head forward and kyphotic (slumping) posture. This can lead to pain and tension building in the upper back, neck, and shoulders. In addition to upper body issues, prolonged sitting may also lead to lower back pain, hip tightness due to shortened hip flexor muscles and leg muscle tension. Another issue that affects office workers is fatigue. The physical stress of being in poor posture combined with overall mental stress can also contribute to tension headaches and eyestrain. Massage therapy is an excellent way to relieve pain, improve posture and provide tools to assist in maintaining a pain free work environment.

Massage therapy can help the spine and supporting structures assume their proper position, which can reduce and eliminate the issues that occur from poor posture. Lower back and body muscles like the psoas, hip flexor, quad muscles can be treated and stretched, and leg pain and tension can also be addressed with massage therapy. It is crucial to see massage therapy as a preventive measure rather than a solution once pain has set in. Studies have shown the benefits of massage for reducing job stress. Work stress can result in low morale, increased anxiety, and depression, as well as other health-related concerns. These negative consequences can lead to work absences and impaired work engagement and productivity. The relief from a registered massage therapist can soothe aches and pains and relax the mind and body before, during or after a hectic work schedule and has shown to decrease the negative consequences of job stress. 

 Productivity is crucial in all workplaces. If our body and mind are tense or stressed, we may not perform at our best due to burnout, headaches, painful muscles, stiff joints, and other conditions. Once both the body and mind have been able to rest, relax and become more physically comfortable (decrease pain etc.) production may go up. With the use of massage, your concentration on job, idea generation, and cognitive process can become more apparent.

Massage therapy offers desk workers numerous benefits, including improved posture, reduced stress levels, and increased productivity. If you’re seeking relief from the physical toll of office work and want to enhance your overall well-being, massage therapy is a great avenue to start with and we at Cotton Mill Rehab are here to help. Our registered massage therapists can tailor a treatment plan to address your specific needs, providing you with the care and support you deserve!

– Melissa Andre, RMT