The Webster Technique: Chiropractic Care Throughout Pregnancy

by | May 2, 2022

Throughout the development of a pregnancy, several biomechanical changes occur that can affect the pregnant patient. One of the major joints affected by pregnancy is the sacroiliac joint (SI joint). The sacroiliac joint is formed by a bone called the sacrum, which is at the very base of the spine, and the ilium, a fan-shaped bone that makes up the back portion of the pelvis1. The sacroiliac joint functions to transfer weight and force between the upper body and the legs. The sacroiliac joint also has functions in shock absorption, regulation of the pelvic and trunk muscles, and spinal stability1. As pregnancy progresses through the trimesters, the distribution of weight and these forces change in the patient and such changes can affect the function of the sacroiliac joint. When the sacroiliac joint is not functioning properly, the patient can experience pain at the site of the sacroiliac joint, but dysfunction can also occur up or down the chain of the body. Sacroiliac joint dysfunction has been related to low back pain, hip pain, and knee pain1. The Webster Technique is a specific diversified chiropractic adjusting technique that aids in the restoration of proper sacroiliac joint function in all weight bearing individuals but is greatly associated in the treatment of the pregnant patient2. What you can expect as a pregnant patient is a very gentle technique that treats the soft tissue surrounding the sacroiliac joint as well as techniques to restore the normal function of the joint. We use pregnancy pillows for patient positioning and aim to work within the patient’s comfort levels to restore the functioning of the patient’s biomechanics. Most of all, we aim to help keep our pregnant patient’s movement functional and pain-free throughout this exciting stage of life!

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