Physiotherapy Treatment for Vertigo

by | Jun 30, 2022

Have you ever suddenly moved your head or rolled over in bed and felt as though the room was spinning around you? This spinning sensation can be a symptom of Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV) and is usually caused by the inner ear. 

Within our ears we have 3 fluid-filled canals. Depending on how this fluid moves, it tells our brain which direction our head is moving. Also within our ears are tiny calcium crystals, they too play a role in relaying information about our movement to the brain. On occasion, these crystals become dislodged from their usual position and move through the canals. As the crystals move, they disrupt the fluid in the canals and cause it to move. This then sends a signal to the brain telling it that our head is moving, but our eyes and muscles are telling our brain that it is not. It is the mismatch in information being sent to our brain that results in the symptoms of vertigo. 

Where does physiotherapy come in?

If deemed appropriate, your physiotherapist will take you through a series of movements, called the Epley’s Maneuver, to help move the calcium crystals back through the canals and into their proper position. You will likely also be given exercises to help with eye moments and balance, and educated on movements and positions to avoid while recovering from BPPV. Often clients will require a few treatment sessions, but most see improvements after the first appointment.

If you require treatment for BPPV or have any questions about physiotherapy and how we can help, please give the clinic a call! 

-Hilary Veenstra, PT

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