Golf: The weather is warming up, and so should you!

by | Jun 1, 2022

Interested in improving your golf game? Before you consider investing your money into new gadgets gear, consider investing a little bit of time before your next game to warm-up. A small investment of just 5 minutes of warm-up time has been shown to improve clubhead speed and carry distance1.

With golf being a sport so focused on power, however, you must not only warm-up but do so effectively. It is important that your warm-up is involving dynamic movements. A dynamic warm-up includes movements that “maximize active ranges of motion at different movement-specific speeds while preparing the body for the demands of sport training and competition”5. Typically, dynamic movements include roughly 10-12 repetitions moving through the ranges of motion that mimic the movements involved in the sport to be played. This is opposed to static movements, where we are holding a stretch for a predetermined length of time (for example 30 seconds or longer)5. From a power and strength perspective, we want to avoid static stretching before sport as static holds in stretches can decrease these measures4. Alternatively, as stated earlier, a dynamic warm-up can improve golf performance in the areas listed above.

Some movements you can consider in your golf pre-game warm up are listed below. As always, consult your team of health professionals to see if these movements are appropriate for you.

  • Monster Walks 1,2
  • Speed Skaters 1,2
  • Shoulder blade retractions 1,2
  • Lunge with torso rotation 1,2
  • Controlled articular rotations in both directions of upper and lower limbs 1,2
  • Wide stance thoracic turns 1,2
  • Standing internal hip rotations 3

… and if you are too shy to warm-up at the course, feel free to do a dynamic warm-up at home before you head out. Research has shown that power output is increased to a degree even 24 hours after a dynamic warm up when compared to a control group that performed no workout!1

We hope you see improvement in your game – and health – when you add a dynamic golf warm-up to your next round!

 -Dr. Sara Brand, DC

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